On this Fourth of July, as fireworks light up the sky and the echoes of patriotic anthems fill the air, we find ourselves not only commemorating our Nation’s birth in 1776, but reflecting on the enduring principles that have carried us forward. It is a day of gratitude for the liberties and freedoms we enjoy, thanks to the spirit of Duty, Honor, and love of Country. These values, enshrined in our National identity, are also the bedrock upon which Georgia Military College (GMC) stands, a venerable institution that proudly celebrates its 145th Corps of Cadets this year!

At Georgia Military College, the celebration of Independence Day transcends mere festivity; it is a reaffirmation of our commitment to forging leaders who embody the virtues that our Founding Fathers held dear. In 1776, The Declaration of Independence was a bold assertion of a new vision of a nation—one grounded in the ideals of liberty, self-determination, and justice. Today, GMC continues to nurture this vision by instilling in our cadets a deep sense of reasonability towards these timeless ideals.

The 145th anniversary of our Corps of Cadets stands as a testament to GMC’s Mission of developing capable and ethical leaders. This mission, rooted in the celebration of American values, is more critical than ever. As our Nation navigates a complex global landscape, the need for leaders who possess not just tactical prowess but also moral clarity and a profound love for their country cannot be overstated.

Our Cadets at Georgia Military College are more than just students; they are the future stewards of our Nation’s legacy. Their education goes beyond academics and physical training—it is a holistic cultivation of character, courage, and compassion. Each cadet, both in the Prep School and in our Junior College, embodies the spirit of the Fourth of July, carrying forward the flame of independence of the promise for a better future.

Duty, Honor, and love of Country—these pillars form the foundation upon which our Nation was built and continue to guide GMC in its Mission. Duty calls us to serve and contribute to the greater good, just as the signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged their lives and fortunes for a cause greater than themselves. Honor demands integrity and respect, essential traits for anyone who seeks to lead effectively and ethically. And love of country, the profound sense of patriotism that binds us to the principles of freedom and democracy that we celebrate on this day.

On this Fourth of July, let us celebrate not only our Nation’s history but also the vibrant future embodied by the 145th years of Georgia Military College Corps’ of Cadets at Georgia Military College and the next 145 years of Corps that come after them. Their journey is a continuation of the great American story, one that honors the past while forging ahead with courage and conviction. In their hands, the spirit of independence shines brightly, illuminating the path towards a future founded in the enduring values of Duty, Honor, and love of Country!

Happy Independence Day!


-Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell, IV, U.S. Army (Ret)

President of Georgia Military College

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