Each individual November for the past several several years, much more and additional American adult men are adopting the tailor made of growing out their mustaches to raise awareness about men’s wellbeing issues. “Movember,” as it’s occur to be known as, raises awareness on this sort of topics as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. 


“Mustache March” is a Armed forces Tradition to Honor Robin Olds

The men of the United States Air Power adopted a comparable custom made, apart from theirs arrives in March and for a extremely unique purpose. “Mustache March” is a military custom to honor 1 gentleman: fighter pilot, Environment War II triple-ace, and Vietnam War legend Robin Olds. 

Robin Olds was, without the need of a question, a person of America’s greatest fighter pilots. He was the son of an Military Air Corps captain who hung out with a digital who’s who of Air Pressure legends: Billy Mitchell, Hap Arnold, Carl Spaatz, and Eddie Rickenbacker, just to name a couple of. 

When Olds arrived of age, he attended the U.S. Armed service Academy at West Stage (where he played football) and graduated just in time to enter Planet War II behind the stick of his P-38J Lightning. He was Maj. Robin Olds with 13 kills and a squadron commander ahead of age 23. 

By the time the war in Vietnam rolled around, Olds was a colonel in the U.S. Air Pressure, owning manufactured the jump when the Air Pressure became a separate branch in 1947. He deployed to Southeast Asia as commander of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, nicknamed “the Wolfpack,” at Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base.

Why Mustache March Issues To Airmen

Olds was rubbed the wrong way by what he noticed as an Air Drive dominated by World War II bomber pilots who neglected fighters at their have peril. He was hamstrung by restrictions on practices, was regularly asking for coaching and greater fighters, and was put off by the public relations factor of the war. 

In 1965, Olds began increasing out what he dubbed his “bulletproof” mustache. In accordance to his biography, it was a figurative middle finger to the information media and his uncaring superiors that he wore unapologetically in Southeast Asia. 

“Generals browsing Vietnam would type of chuckle at the mustache,” Olds when stated. “I was significantly away from home. It was a gesture of defiance. The young children on foundation beloved it. Most all people grew a mustache.”


It was a person legend that lived up to the mythos. Olds was limited to flying 100 missions in excess of Vietnam but absolutely flew far more. He also only claimed 4 air-to-air kills from the North Vietnamese Air Force but purposely stopped shorter of staying an ace – the Air Pressure would choose absent his command for fear of losing him in battle.

To be clear, he certainly shot down additional than 4 enemy fighters in Vietnam but only claimed four. 

Olds Proved the Superiority of American Air Energy

His biggest coup arrived in 1967 when he devised a way to idiot communist fighters into believing they would be intercepting a team of slower, a lot less maneuverable F-105 Thunderchief bombers. Making use of a massive fleet of F-4 Phantoms, Procedure Bolo utilized digital warfare pods to idiot enemy floor radar into seeing what they thought were F-105s. 

When North Vietnamese MiGs scrambled to intercept them, all they found ended up Olds and his Wolfpack traveling F-4 Phantoms. Olds and his squadrons downed seven enemy aircraft that day, proving the superiority of American air power.  

When Olds was promoted and reassigned to the Air Pressure Academy in 1968, Air Drive Main of Staff Gen. John McConnell caught his finger on the ‘stache and requested Olds to “take it off.” It was the stop of Olds’ mustache, but impressed airmen have been increasing their possess “bulletproof” facial hair in his honor at any time since.

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