People to Endcliffe Park, a tiny inexperienced space on the west side of the British isles metropolis of Sheffield, could possibly come throughout a curious monument. It begins with a substantial, lasting American flag. Then, they’ll detect a number of trees bordering a big boulder. Flags symbolizing the United States Air Drive, compact wood crosses, and other tokens of appreciation flanking that boulder, which bears plaques and, often, ten shots of Earth War II-period airmen.

Those airmen, 1st Lt. John Kriegshauser, 2nd Lt. Lyle Curtis, 2nd Lt. John Humphrey, 2nd Lt. Melchor Hernandez, Team Sgt. Harry Estabrooks, Staff Sgt. Bob Mayfield, Sgt. Charles Tuttle, Tech. Sgt. Malcolm Williams, Sgt. Vito Ambrosio and Sgt. Maurice Robbins fought to die on that spot in 1944 since the substitute was much, a lot worse.

The Tragic Flight of Mi Amigo

On February 22, 1944, the B-17 Traveling Fortress, dubbed “Mi Amigo,” was despatched on a bombing mission on an airfield in Nazi-occupied Denmark. The concentrate on air base was obscured by fog when the planes had been supposed to go around the target, and German fighters shot down a few of the formation’s bombers. Luftwaffe fighters also closely damaged the Mi Amigo, and inspite of dropping its 4,000 lbs . of bombs into the North Sea on its way home, it would nevertheless battle to return to its base.

Honoring the Legacy of Mi Amigo’s Crew

By the time the Mi Amigo flew more than Sheffield, its engines were failing, and it, alongside with its 10-guy crew, were being headed for a difficult landing. But there was hope: Lt. Kriegshauser, the pilot, saw an open location, a huge area in Endcliffe Park, wherever they could be place down and maybe even survive. Sheffield is a more substantial metropolis, so there weren’t a lot of possibilities for a cleanse touchdown.


As they approached the discipline, they observed a terrifying sight. There were being little ones actively playing soccer on the discipline, appropriate where by the B-17 was attempting to land. Rather of continuing on to the industry and risking the children’s life,the pilot was able to deftly adjust system, crash-landing the airplane into a wooded location. Firefighters rushed to the scene but took about an hour to put out the blaze. All 10 members of the Mi Amigo crew died in the crash, but none of the kids participating in close by were harm.

Kriegshauser was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Traveling Cross for his brief thinking and abilities in the cockpit. In 1969, the citizens of Sheffield commemorated the deeds of all those airmen. They planted 10 scarlet oak trees in their honor and held a small ceremony on the site where by the boulder stands, a ceremony that has been repeated every year at any time due to the fact.

EverydayEuropeans have hardly ever forgotten the sacrifices of American adult males and females in defense or liberation of their nations around the world. Just as the French and Dutch consider care of American war lifeless in their respective nations, so far too, do the citizens of Sheffield, one particular of the United Kingdom’s most doing the job-class metropolitan areas. A neighborhood guy, Tony Foulds, witnessed the crash as a youthful boy and has preserved the monument at any time because – for additional than 75 several years.

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